How I Became An RPA Developer With No Coding Experience

Man using computer and not knowing how to code

How I Became An RPA Developer With No Coding Experience

Yes, you read the title correctly.

This article will answer the question, “Is it necessary to have coding skills, or a background in Computer Science, to work as a RPA Developer?”.

To Begin, How Can You Code Without A Coding Background?

There are many different RPA software companies that boast about their platforms being no code or low code. Is this true? Is it possible for someone without previous coding experience to become an RPA Developer? Let me tell you.

UiPath is one of the leading companies in the field of RPA. They have an RPA development tool, Studio X. This was created for the non-coders, or business users. UiPath’s Studio X enables development of simple automations without a single line of code. With Studio X, business users can automate processes on Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, and on Google Chrome, with built-in drag and drop building block activities. That’s how I’m able to code with no coding background.

I believe these types of tools will become more common in the near future, enabling all of us to automate those tedious repetitive manual tasks that we dread.

But wait. What about the more complex processes? Those processes would still be automated by RPA Developers. Yes they would, but it’s also possible to become a full-fledged RPA Developer, one who works with the more complex scenarios, without a coding background.

My Background Gave Me An Opportunity

My education: Business and Management. My job after my studies: Junior RPA Consultant. But how?

Approximately 4 years ago, I applied for a Junior Management Consultant position in Finland. After a few weeks with the company, I was presented with the question, “Would you be interested in working in the RPA field?”. I had no knowledge of what RPA really was. I had to do research on the topic before I could make my decision. After 30 minutes of reading through information about RPA, I decided that I would be more than happy to switch into the position of Junior RPA Consultant. 

The decision was a thoughtful one, even though it was made rather quickly. I had no previous development experience, but as I went through the first month of training, I realized that it may not be an issue. The development tools, in my case UiPath, used built-in activities, which were ready-made drag and drop building blocks used to develop the automations. What took me by surprise, even though the word process is found in Robotic Process Automation, is that I needed more of an understanding in process mapping than in development. As the name suggests, it is process automation. With the UiPath platform, the developer builds a process map with the ready-made building blocks. The look of the tool resembles a process flow.

Are You Thinking About The RPA World?

If I could give a few pointers to anyone thinking of entering the RPA world with no previous IT experience, my first would be: processes are the main part of it, so learn how to understand and map processes. This will help when you create a structure to develop the automation.

Second: even though a background in a technology field is not mandatory, it’s good to have an open mind. Taking the time to learn the concepts and best practices of development will help you understand why things are done a certain way.

Third: if I could change my career path from Business Management with no prior coding experience to an RPA Developer with 4 years of experience, so can you.

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