Greenlight: A Student’s Experience

Greenlight: A Student's Experience

When searching for a co-op job, there are many things one must consider. Some students will tell you that their ideal position is with a legacy employer, emphasizing experience and proven expertise. Others insist that the best opportunities exist at the cutting edge of technology, utilizing the increasingly powerful tools of tomorrow. Working with Greenlight Consulting, I can say that I have experienced both of these qualities unequivocally. With over 10 years of practice in the Consulting and Automation space, Greenlight Consulting has given me the opportunity to not only dip my toes but plunge headfirst into the burgeoning world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In the span of two months working together, I have been able to acquire more practical experiences than in a lifetime of education, both in terms of technical skills and business know-how.


The Opportunities Given To Me

As a well-established player in the RPA field, Greenlight’s close partnerships with industry leaders, such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere, have given me the opportunity to learn multiple developer platforms and truly gain a full understanding of RPA. In addition to top-notch training accessibility, I have had opportunities to hone my new skills with hands-on activities, such as an independent end-to-end internal development project.

Throughout this experience, I was responsible for communicating with the internal client and detailing their automation requirements in the Process Design Document (PDD). Next, I was able to use my RPA Developer training to draft a Solution Design Document (SDD) outlining the specific steps a robot would take when executing the automated process. With the design documents complete, I was able to begin the development phase in which the process code was written and tested. Although this step was by far the most challenging, I did not struggle knowing that I could always ask a friend from Greenlight for support. Once the prototype process was complete, I led a period of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in which the automation was tweaked and debugged. Finally, the process was ready to move into production and office-wide celebration ensued. My coworkers and friends from Greenlight made the development of my first automated process an unforgettable experience and motivated me to continue learning more about RPA.


Feeling Valued As An Employee

On a personal note, I also feel as though Greenlight truly appreciates my value as an employee and encourages me to develop my existing skills all the while helping me to gain new ones. An example that comes to mind is when they asked me to support the business team on a call with external clients that only spoke French. Not only was I able to practice my second language, but I also learned a lot about the customer acquisition process and got a crash course in business vocabulary. I especially appreciated getting to know the clients themselves and learning about how RPA is helping them on an individual level.


Getting Certified

In addition to all of the learning opportunities and hands-on work experience, it was through Greenlight that I was able to take my RPA Developer training to the next level with the UiPath RPA Associate Certification Exam. It’s not every co-op work term that offers such advanced skills and certification, and for this reason, Greenlight really stands out. Although I still had to make sure that I passed the exam, this proved to be easy with the support, guidance, and preparation provided to me by the Greenlight team. Towards the end of my work term, I had already felt as though I had gained a sizable set of practical skills, but Greenlight went above and beyond to nurture my interest in RPA and give me the tools for lifelong success in the industry.


Most Importantly: The People

Truly though it must be said that my experience at Greenlight would not have been the same were it not for the people that work there. The strong company culture makes for a tight-knit group of knowledgeable, supportive, and genuinely nice (if not goofy) individuals who are all passionate about automation. They have an inspiring business style that shows no compromise in delivering unparalleled RPA services. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had with Greenlight and hope to one day work with them again throughout my journeys in the world of RPA.

Are you a co-op student interested in completing your work term at Greenlight? Contact us to find out how you could join our team!

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