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Greenlight Consulting

Where We Came From

The founding partners of Greenlight had all worked at multiple Big Five Consulting firms. We’d all seen the switcheroo that involved fantastic sales pitches and the promise of the A-Team followed by an overpriced C-Team with very little experience.

The partners of Greenlight founded a service company focused on doing better. Our clients deserve real success. When the right people are provided with thoughtful guidance they produce tremendous results.

With no compromise, we have kept true to that focus for the last 10 years, that’s why our staff love working here and our clients keep calling us back.

The formula isn’t that hard:


Good People



Leadership Team

Shamiez is zealous when it comes to futuristic technology innovation, always at the forefront of cutting edge trends. He brings to Greenlight a profound sense of vision, pushing those around him to new heights. What you get is a straight shooter who enjoys breaking boundaries and often found nerding out with our tech team as he clings to his development past.

Shameiz Hemani

CEO - aka "Morpheous”

A technology pro and entrepreneur with a knack for turning problems into opportunities. He's passionate about designing and delivering practical technology solutions for Greenlight's customers. Back at the office, he uses his powers to keep the day to day operations of Greenlight running smoothly. Physics and Philosophy, Raps and Apps, Mixology and Technology. He’s up for anything!

Vipul Balsara

COO - aka "The Architect"

Johann is the go-to professional to get things done. Consistently going over and beyond to keep clients satisfied by truly understanding what they need. Half man, Half robot, he’s the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet. His intense sense of competition knows no limits which is typically on full display when he’s on the golf course.

Johann Hallim

VP Of Business Development and Staffing - aka “Neo”

Enjoli has been with Greenlight since 2012 leading the Talent Operations. She is passionate about the evolving future workplace, one where humans work with robots to disrupt the way work will be delivered. At the office, she works alongside the leadership team contributing to strategy and growth across practice units.

Enjoli Singh

VP of Talent Operations - aka “Trinity”

A meticulous technology brat who enjoys showcasing and sharing all that is RPA. He uses his powers to provide a methodical approach to RPA for Greenlight's clients. While at HQ, he enjoys collaborating with his delivery teams and working on new ways to build the RPA practice.

Lester Mendoza

RPA Practice Manager - aka "Stryka"

Kevin has extensive experience in specialized staffing. His ability to understand technical environments continues to result in successful matches of consultants to exceed project needs. Kevin is known for taking the time to get to know his clients and their environments. His dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none. Kevin considers himself an extension of the teams he works with - it’s not just a business transaction, rather an investment in each company. Let Kevin know about a gap in your team and he’ll come up with a solution that’s a perfect fit!

Kevin Ramalingam

Director of BD aka “The Match Maker “

Our Culture

We could bore you with cliché statements like “work hard, play hard” but
wouldn’t you rather see what our team has to say?
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"Greenlight created an environment where we can quickly and consistently deliver high-quality projects while enjoying the process. I look forward to coming into the office to work, knowing I'll be able to spend time with friends and develop my professional skillset at the same time."

- Rickesh Mistry
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“I work with genuinely good people. There is somehow always time for jokes and fun even on the most busiest days.”

- Enjoli Singh
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"Working with Greenlight is inspiring and enjoyable, we have good autonomy to show our talent and passion, eventually turning vision into reality."

- Vincent Ren
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"Greenlight culture creates a supporting environment where team members share best practices and help out each other. Growth, new learning opportunities, and support are always available. I enjoy and am proud of being part of team Greenlight."

- Annie Wen
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"I came to Greenlight looking to build robots and instead I found humans I love."

- Lucian Sirbu
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Join the Greenlight team

We are always looking for great people to work with. Join our team if you think you’re a good fit or refer someone you know is a star.

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