QA / Resources

QA resource staffing that is worry free, and designed to get you the best candidates when you need them. Our roster is based off of years of working in the industry and keeping the strongest resources on our “A List”.


Why do I need it?

If you need a specialized skill set or need to augment your team without adding ongoing headcount, let Greenlight provide the right QA professional for you.

Our approach

Greenlight will take the time to truly understand what your needs are so we make sure we get the right fit. Our experienced team of recruiters and professionals will qualify all candidates before presenting you with the one candidate we stand behind.

We’re easy to work with

We keep the professionals on our payroll so you can better manage cash flow and only have to be concerned with paying 1 vendor.

Greenlight provided CTC with a specialized Automation Developer to review vendor code and provide best practices.