Managed Services

QA / Managed Services

A team of professional QA experts that work closely with your team on-site, to strategize, plan, manage and execute testing on your most critical and complex projects from start to finish.


Why do I need it?

Your project is too important and you don’t have the expertise or staff to do QA right. You want someone to design, manage and execute the right QA strategy so that you’re proactive instead of reactive.

Our approach

QA is historically the team that puts up Roadblocks. Our approach to QA is to ensure we investigate and provide insight to issues, help articulate alternatives and let your management team have the information they need to make good decisions. We also ensure the vendors on the team that are delivering software are managed and work with them to proactively release better code.

You’ll get a fully managed QA team with all the resources the project needs brought on at the right time. Whether you are trying to rescue a project in distress or in the early planning stages, we have the experience and a model to ramp up and down quickly. Our goal is to get in and up to speed quickly and then transition and get out when we are no longer needed.

Only pay for what you need

Time and Materials based pricing. We’ll make sure the team is “right sized” and “right priced” so you only get what you truly need for your project. Historically we have used a mix of on-site and lab resources to ensure we don’t need to staff for peak and adjust the team throughout the life cycle of the project. No Idle Hands!

Holt Renfrew engaged Greenlight to bring cohesion to an eCommerce implementation using several vendors and various cross functional stakeholders. Greenlight ensured the spotlight was on the right priorities to accelerate launch of the new eCommerce site.