How we search

Staffing/ How we search

About 80% of our candidates are trusted professionals known to us over our years in business. Occasionally there is no one available at the time.

We use our proprietary process to find the candidate that is right fit, that we will stand behind.


We use the same process for you that we use to hire for ourselves.

You can expect consistent results from a thorough systematic process.

1. Resume screening

Assesses the mandatory qualifications.

2. Telephone interview

Verification of resume info and initial fit.

3. Technical in-person interview

Greenlight consultants assesses technical qualifications and personality fit.

4. Trimetrix assessment

A psychometric assessment to determine behavioural characteristics and working style.

5. Personal reference verification

Tough questions that get to the core of any concerns we may have.

6. Success

Candidate is presented to client and placed into our Known Resource Pool

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We are always looking for great people to work with. Join our team if you think you’re a good fit or refer someone you know is star.