Project Rescue

Consulting / Project Rescue

You have initiatives on the go that need to be delivered no matter what but they seem to be in a continuous spin with no resolution or progress.


Why do I need it?

You’ve already tried that large consulting firm and ended up with a spun project and significant bills. The issue is you really don’t know where the problem is. The status reports and issue logs aren’t really telling you anything. Let Greenlight help bring some clarity to your predicament.

How we do it

We will engage in a formalized assessment to get to the core issues quickly and deliver a plan to succeed. You’ll get recommendations on where and why you’re having issues and what the steps are needed to fix them. If needed we can also provide the right team that will work with the Business and IT to ensure all those unending issues are resolved.


Greenlight offers this service to our clients with a simple to understand fixed fee.

Greenlight was engaged to assess a project that had already failed multiple times prior. After examination of the status, people and technology, Greenlight provided a clear picture of the issues with mitigation strategies and plan on how to get to completion.