Managed Project Delivery

Consulting / Managed Project Delivery

Your time is money. The sooner you can get a project delivered, the sooner you can realize the benefits. You don’t need a large, expensive team to make that happen. You need the right team.


Why do I need it?

You’re tired of working with the guys that bring in an army of people but nothing is actually getting done. You really need results now but have other things to focus on too. Let Greenlight deliver your project efficiently, the way you need it done.

What’s involved?

Greenlight will put together a tight team to work with your internal departments and manage all stakeholders and any vendors to keep the project on track. There is no secret sauce. We have the right people that will treat your project like their baby and work hard and smart until it’s done.

Deliverable oriented

Greenlight works on a time and material basis oriented around your deliverables and milestones.

Greenlight helped deliver a strategic Merchandising Transformation program that redesigned the Planning, Pricing, Promo, Reverse Flow and Supplier Management processes and systems while implementing a new ERP and Master Data Management solution.