By: Ajay Patil On: November 23, 2012 In: Human Resources Comments: 0

Building a company culture doesn’t have to be painful. In part 1 of this topic we discussed how creating a culture of discipline and developing core values provides a strong foundation for the behavioural characteristics you want to see in your workforce. Remember to keep asking yourself, do your employees know how the values describe the founders, the company you want to be, and the relationships you want to have with your clients?


Now that you have thought about how to develop a shared code of conduct in your workforce and live true to your core values you can focus on engaging your employees through communication and relationships.

3. Communicate. There is no such thing as over communicating when the right message is being communicated. Employees need to know the company is invested in them, so remind them…..constantly. Build a communication plan with multiple timelines and tools to communicate to your employees regularly; linking it to the culture you want to have. Get them involved in the business, share the goals and milestones, the successes and failures.

4. Connect. Last but definitely not the least, have fun! Figure out what people want, take suggestions so you’re not adding foosball tables in the lounge if most of your employees work off site. Find ways to get employees to connect with each other in a casual setting, people need to make connections it’s a basic human trait, you need more than an annual holiday party. It is also key to change up and create new programs so that things don’t become stale and perks don’t become entitlements.

Remember Culture is unique to each organization, steer away from cutting and pasting what other companies do and focus on your specific company and what you can incorporate into new and existing activities.