Where we came from

The founding partners of Greenlight had all worked at multiple Big Five Consulting firms. We’d all seen the switcheroo that involved fantastic sales pitches and the promise of the A-Team followed by an overpriced C-Team with very little experience.

The partners of Greenlight founded a service company focused on doing better. Our clients deserve real success. When the right people are provided thoughtful guidance they produce tremendous results.

With no compromise, we have kept true to that focus for the last 10 years, that’s why our staff love working here and our clients keep calling us back.

The formula isn’t that hard:

  • Experienced management
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  • Right people
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  • Insightful QA
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  • Successful projects

Accept nothing less.

Leadership team

Sometimes business and friendship can work out. We gravitated to each other because of similar work ethic, values and drive for success.

Vipul Balsara

Vipul Balsara


Johann Hallim

Johann Hallim

VP of Business Development

Shameiz Hemani

Shameiz Hemani


Our Culture

We could bore you with cliché statements like “work hard, play hard” but wouldn’t you rather see what our team has to say?

Join the Greenlight team

We are always looking for great people to work with. Join our team if you think you’re a good fit or refer someone you know is a star.